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We found a new cardboard tube to play with today. Thanks to a butter shortage, we tried Koiwai Raisin & Butter for a test run of a new Christmas pudding recipe. The inside of this box is white cardboard with a shiny plastic laminate coating. When you look through it you get a fantastic kaleidoscope effect.  We stuck the tube on the end of our digital point and shoot camera and took about 30 pictures. From those 30 we got about 5 or 6 shots that I really loved. If you don’t have a box like this you could try making a tube by gluing anything reflective like foil or plastic onto a piece of cardboard, and folding it into a triangular or rectangular tube. This technique also makes for fun video footage. Dozo! ( “Please try it” in Japanese.)

These photos are definitely channeling some kind of photographic Shibori effect.

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