Cardboard Marquees

Another way to display cardboard beads, letters, pictures or shapes cut from cardboard.

To make the marquee I first decided to orient my cardboard with the fluting running vertically since most of the letters to be cut from cardboard run in the same direction.  I used one side of a box with the top and bottom flaps folded back to create a triangular base. Next, I  gently scored the the edges of the area I wanted to display and then started to gently peel away the top layer of paper to reveal the corrugated part of the cardboard below.

I used a chopstick to pry up some of the paper from between the flutes of the cardboard. It really helped to move the process along. (I would definitely enlist the help of any willing young spectators for this part.) If you are lucky enough to find some cardboard with the corrugated part exposed, then you can just glue it on top of the marquee base and get to work peeling the backs off of all the cardboard letters or shapes that you are using.

Make sure that your letters have the same size fluting as the marquee base if you want them to hold their place securely.

Just a piece of tape (masking tape, washi tape, or paper tape) to secure the marquee base at the back and you are ready to start crafting your own personal message to the world.

4 thoughts on “Cardboard Marquees

  1. this is brilliant! i just discovered yer site today and added it to my sidebar on scrumdilly-do! my mister and i used to make a lot of things out of cardboard (craft show booth and cat scratcher to name two). You’ve inspired me to get back to it! Thank you!

  2. I love this idea! When Eli get old enough that we are building words this will be a super-fun way to practice word building and spelling. I like the idea of using it as a marquee as well. Definitely an idea going on the back burner to simmer for me. 🙂

    My neighbors threw away a lot of huge boxes from buying new patio furniture this weekend. One will be a playhouse for Eli and I just got the pattern for the Hashi stool printed. Time to see how much cutting I can get done before nap time is over!

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