Cardboard Tray with Handles

As you can see from the pictures above this tray was born out of necessity. Now that Isis is fully mobile and on a rocket course towards walking, nothing in our home is safe from the jaws and terrible Chiclet teeth of this four legged little beast.

If you find the right box with the handle holes at the right height this tray is a one step process. I had to do a little gluing and combine the parts from two different boxes, but all in all not too bad.

The big plan is for Electra to use this tray for doing craft projects with little baby hazard pieces that require a large work surface to spread the materials out. I think it will also be good for doing puzzles, and already I love the whisk – away – ability it gives me when rascal number 2 is on the warpath. Maybe a splendid cupcake carrier as well?

One thought on “Cardboard Tray with Handles

  1. Nice. We have some big trays for that purpose as well. And, funny, my baby spent part of yesterday sitting in a box on the floor as well. It must feel like a cozy nest to them. 🙂

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