Cardboard Message Stamps II

This is a variation of Cardboard Message Stamps using paper twine instead of cardboard. The paper twine affords more bend-ability for working with cursive  or handwritten style fonts and yields a print that’s a little more whimsical. I will warn you that this project is a little fiddly and takes patience to curve the twine, hold it in place until it dries and get all the short pieces of twine to meet up. At the time I was doing it, I thought, hmmm this is tough, but now that it’s finished and the stamp came out so well, I would venture to say that I would try this project again.

I can’t read the package to be 100% sure, but I believe that this paper twine is made from the paper milk cartons that we recycle here in Japan. It reminds me a lot of the paper handles on those safety suckers that they handed out at the local credit union (bank) to pacify us when we were kids. And you know what? It worked! If only safety suckers were an option for nearly 1 year olds.

The first stamping always comes out a little patchy. The second run, pictured at the top of the post, stamped easily.

So I know this project begs the question, why make a message stamp, when you can just buy one?

1. Personalization. Write a name, or message that you would not otherwise be able to find on a store bought rubber stamp.

2. Make it Big. Perhaps you want to say something in a Big way over and over again. Then it would be handy to have a cardboard stamp.

3. Limited Life Span. Perhaps someone in your family is turning 40 and you don’t foresee using a “big 4-0” stamp all that often or holding onto it for eternity. You also don’t see the point of buying a stamp at the store and then Goodwill-ing it, or throwing it away. That’s when a 4-0 stamp would be brilliant if made out of cardboard. You can recycle the whole thing. I think that really is something to celebrate. And by the way I think it also makes you very cool and very smart.

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