Cardboard Sakura Pavement Stencils

Cherry blossom petals are on the streets everywhere! Tokyo looks like it’s been covered in fairy dust.

I was inspired by this post at Oh Happy Day about creating lawn “heart” stencils with flour.

We tried cherry blossom petals, cardboard and flower shapes, experimenting with both the stencil and the negative of the stencil. It was a beautiful day and Electra and Isis both absolutely loved collecting up the petals and scattering them onto the stencils. The best part was seeing the smiles on the obachans (grandmothers), who were out for a walk.

A great way to enjoy sakura, sunshine, and giggling little girls.

A Spring Swing

We’ve been away to all sorts of places during Grandma’s 3 week visit to Japan, and to be honest we haven’t had a spare minute to catch our breath and let you know what we’ve been up to. No cardboard projects until today, but lots of time to dream after being reacquainted with all the beauty and ingenuity of Japan’s temples, gardens, and urban streets.

And did I mention that spring is in the air? Literally. Our cherry blossoms are at their peak beauty and their petals are just beginning to fall… my VERY favorite time of the year.

I made this swing to take to our favorite playground that has only a climbing structure and no swings.

The swing is made of three very sturdy cardboard tubes that I measured to the desired length and then cut with a Japanese hand saw (nokogiri).  I used paper twine to weave around the tubes, which took about 10-15 minutes, and then threaded rope through the outer two tubes. My trusty bike straps make the swing adjustable and easy to put up and take down.

A fun swing that I can also easily carry with me to the park to hang on a low tree branch. All parts recyclable or reusable. I haven’t tested to see how much the swing can hold, and Electra is not a candidate for doing so due to her featherweight status, but I’m quite sure it could hold most toddler’s quite easily. Give it a try and let me know how strong yours is!