Cardboard Box with Wheels goes to the Airport!

Yes, it’s true. We ditched our stroller for a cardboard box with castor wheels, and it was awesome!

Where to start?

A few weeks before our flight, I was puzzling through the logistics of moving a toddler and a three-year old through the airport with all of our accompanying accoutrements. Both at Tokyo Narita and Detroit Metro, I knew we had some distances to cover between gates, check-in, immigration and the rest. I hate strollers and started thinking of ways I could avoid taking ours through the airport.

That’s when I started playing the what if game with myself.

What if we pulled the girls through the airport in the box with castor wheels? Or they pulled each other? Wait, I think our carry-ons would both fit in the box if we wanted to carry the girls or let them walk instead… yes, they do….Oh and wait a minute.. the box fits the dimensions for a carry on.. perfectly…. And hey, I think this could be genius!

I tucked a shear-ling sheepskin into the box for the girls to sit on in the airplane. It made a very soft and comfortable lining for them when they were sitting in the box at the airport.

Taking the Box with Wheels through the airport was even better than I imagined. When we initially walked into the airport towing the box with the girls behind it everyone around us actually just stopped and stared.

They had huge smiles on their faces and there was a lot of pointing and giggling (in a good way). A few people came up and asked us if they could take pictures, and we laughed and willfully obliged.

It felt a lot like we were pulling our own mini Fourth of July parade float through the terminal.

Still going strong even with all the bags AND kids in tow.

Surprised to find out they’re trying to curb hamster trafficking at Tokyo Narita Airport?

Isis befriended EVERYONE at the airport. No luck getting a business class upgrade though.

Where should we take our box next?

17 thoughts on “Cardboard Box with Wheels goes to the Airport!

  1. that is genius! We never had a stroller and all our flights back to the uk have been just me and the kid, this would have been handy for a couple of those trips!

  2. I wonder how many of the people who saw you that day will be making one for their future use? I loved the photo of one girl pulling the other. Too cute! And hamster trafficking?? As though they are hard to come by the usual way? Or are they banned in Japan or something?

    • Have to get more information about what’s going on with the hamsters. Pets can be very expensive in Japan, so that’s the only reason I can think of that trafficking might be going on. I have seen Guineau pigs selling for about 50$!

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  4. Hi, I’d love to follow your blog.
    You are a genious!! Want to copy some ideasformy kids.
    Please, notify me when you publish new posts.

    Great job, really.


      • Lovely, thanks.
        Just a question, since I don’t know you.
        HOw do you deal with your daughters, I mean, do they help you during the making process or do they just enjoy the final result?
        I am asking you, as my oldest daughter has just turned 2: she is really willing to help and I allow a certain amount of cooperation during day to day tasks, but eventually it ends up in a mess. Or she simply get bored.
        I also wonder how often do you play this way in a weekly basis: with nursery and afternoon naps and young son to look after, I don’t seem to have much time.
        I really really admire your coolness!

        • Hi Elisa,

          Depending on the project, I do let my daughters help sometimes, but mostly I encourage them to make their own project next to me while I’m working. At two my youngest daughter mostly likes to get markers and scribble on things. So usually I try to give her some cardboard to scribble on. We try to play as much during the day as we can, maybe 2-3 hours, but your right there are lots of other things that have to get done during the day, and it’s tiring!

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  6. There are much easier ways to fit wheels to boxes. We are a manufacturer of components for the packaging industry and have a US and European Patent for a product called Trundler. If you have a look at our website and click on the “wheels” tab there are 3 dropdown options each with photos and video animations. The good news is they are relatively inexpensive compared to casters and much much easier to fit. We only sell in boxed quantities of however there is a good opportunity for a reseller if someone wants to split boxes and add a margin. We make all our products with “recycle and reuse” in mind. Hope this helps!

  7. I LOVE your creativeness!!!!
    Is it possible for you to send me pictures of the INSIDE of the box, and the UNDERSIDE of it? I’d like to see how the wheels are attached, and the wheels closer up. I am considering doing this for my flight with using it as an under box for a big one.
    Thank you for sharing this…

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