Cardboard + Your Car = Sun Dried Banana Chips

Materials used: cardboard, parchment paper, masking tape and an egg slicer is great for getting the bananas the right width for drying, but you can use a knife just as easily.

It’s taken a while, but my whole family is starting to get excited about cardboard.

I’ve got a few posts in the works inspired by mom, dad, and this post idea was sent by my sister who lives out in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico USA. (see the little adobe house behind her truck?)

The bananas take about 4 hours to dry in her car in New Mexico. It could take a little longer in other places, but with the heat wave that’s been sweeping the US,  maybe not?

Is this not perfection? The BEST summer snack!

My sister said that she’s thinking about doing kiwi and apricot next, maybe even some  cantaloupe. But she said the best part is that it leaves a nice dried banana smell in your car.

Thanks Sis! This is fantastic!

6 thoughts on “Cardboard + Your Car = Sun Dried Banana Chips

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  2. brilliant! made me laugh out loud! but actually a very good idea (though won’t work for me – I have no car and leave in east Germany!)

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