A cardboard costume can make your Halloween less plastic

This past spring I posted about getting the opportunity to meet some of my eco heroes here in Japan, and now this fall I have had the pleasure to virtually meet another inspiration, Beth Terry of My Plastic Free Life. Beth is a passionate author, TED speaker, blogger and activist working to decrease the harmful impacts of plastic on our environment and our health.

Her blog and book are filled with lots of practical things you can do to decrease your plastic consumption as well as information about some of the dangers of plastics. Both of these resources are a great place to start if you’re thinking about what you, personally, can do to cut down on plastics in your life.

When Beth asked me to write a guest post for her blog about The Cardboard Costume Challenge, I was really excited to put some ideas together. But the best part was seeing this photo of the cardboard Brita filter costume that Beth made as part of her initiative to get Brita to start recycling their water filters. 16,000 signatures later, she succeeded. How wonderful is that?

Beth left me with one parting word of advice when it comes to cardboard costumes: Don’t forget to make sure it’s a costume you can sit down in!

Hope your costumes are well under way?



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