Cardboard Day of Play: Tokyo

What can I say? I’m exhausted, but smiling away as I type this…The energy and enthusiasm of the kids that came out to play was incredible. Their creations- inventive, ridiculous, beautiful, fun- gave me that electric feeling of seeing creative minds at work.

My favorite moment of the day was peeking inside the doorway of a cardboard tunnel to discover a secret shelf holding an overflowing treasure pot of candy collected from the Homecoming Day festivities. It felt a lot like discovering a squirrel’s cache of acorns hastily piled up for winter in the hidden nook of a tree…

I can’t leave without  extending my sincerest thanks to the American School in Japan staff and parent volunteers for working to make the Day of Cardboard Play happen. I also send a deep bow to MakeDo Japan for donating MakeDo kits (that the kids had a blast with) and last but not least, Tanaka Satoshi for all his help and inspiration. You can see his signature work in the video clip below.

[vimeo 51344987 w=620&h=400]

Back again tomorrow with more cardboard costume ideas. Can’t wait to see more of the pictures that are trickling into the Flickr pool…..Hey, why don’t you go ahead and upload yours right now?


3 thoughts on “Cardboard Day of Play: Tokyo

  1. This reminded me of a box my grandfather saved for my children. When he had to replace his old refrigerator the delivery people were instructed not to damage the box and leave it behind. They kept telling him they would take it with them, but he wouldn’t let them. My boys played with it in the basement of his house and had many hours of enjoyment. When winter arrived they asked to take it outside, they dug down into the snow and buried it, then covered it back up leaving only a small opening and called it their igloo. Come spring the box was ruined, but my grandfather didn’t care. He said the boys had nearly a full year of use out of it and how he would use the pieces in his garden to cut down on weeding.

    • What an awesome story! I love this idea of using a box all the way to the end and laying it down for mulch. I also love the idea of using cardboard to make an igloo in the winter. We’ll definitely have to try this. Thanks so much for the lovely comments Lois!

  2. The energy of the Global Cardboard Challenge was electric! The kids proclaiming, “Hey, let’s make a ___________” was fantastic. When is the next one?

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