Meet the judges: LiEr of Ikat Bag

If you’ve poked around on the internet anywhere googling the words “cardboard” and “kids” chances are you’ve come across LiEr’s blog Ikat Bag and her fantastic cardboard creations. She’s made everything from telephones to fruit and vegetable stands, light up trains, Barbie carriages, pinatas, dollhouses that have indoor plumbing and heating (well, almost!), tiffin boxes and granny purses all out of cardboard.

Did I mention that she is also a seamstress/tailor, a former physics teacher and school counselor, pattern designer, mother of 3 children and creative genius? Lover of Nutella?

I’m so excited to have LiEr on board judging the costume contest as well as spreading her enthusiasm for all things cardboard! I hope you stop by her blog to check out her amazing collection of projects and great tips for working with cardboard.

Yokoso LiEr!

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