Meet the judges: Octodrone

Meet cardboard artist John Daniel who goes by the Flickr name Octodrone and the moniker jD. He’s made cardboard  masks, costume elements, and props professionally for productions by the Presidio Trust, and  Word For Word’s workshop performance of “Stories From Sonoma Mountain” in Wheeler Hall at UC Berkeley.

When I was looking for inspiration for the Cardboard Costume Challenge I came across jD’s work on Flickr and was instantly drawn to his striking cardboard masks and props. When I read about how many of these masks and props were used; to act out plays about nature and environmentally conscious personalities like Ansel Adams, I was even more intrigued. What a fitting use of recycled cardboard!

jD is busy preparing for an exhibition of some of his cardboard works in SanFrancisco right now, so we’re really lucky he’s agreed to help out with the judging for the costume challenge. Thanks again jD, and best of luck with your opening!

One thought on “Meet the judges: Octodrone

  1. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness (and sometimes even wear) many of jD’s creations over the years. His work is truly remarkable, and I’m so pleased that his creativity and talent is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves!

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