Wolf Mask: Sneak Peak

Happily, all the different kinds of cardboard I’ve been saving have been put to use in the making of this mask.

Especially exciting is the bag of torn-up egg cartons that works as wolf fur.

For more inspiration:

Check out this Flickr photo set from a participant in the Cardboard Costume Challenge named wrnking. T-Rex head under construction.

4 thoughts on “Wolf Mask: Sneak Peak

  1. The wolf is starting to come together! I hope all the animals (wolf, mermaid, chameleon) will get along when they celebrate together.

  2. Love it! Ae there anymore pictures of the process? Do you think a beginner could make this? I have never used cardboard before? Any tips or suggestions? How long did it take?

    • Hi Lisa,

      I was a beginner before I made this, so sure, it’s definitely possible. I have not done a full blown tutorial on this project, but I’ll definitely consider it for this year’s costume challenge. The hardest part is the first step, just getting the confidence! Start with a cardboard strip that fits the head snugly and use that as your base. Then start attaching other structural elements as you go.

  3. Hi im very new i for halloween i want to be a wolf but it is very hard to make a tail and a wolf mask.so i plan to go to websites and find out how to use it with cars bored it will be helpful to put a tutorial on you’re web or YouTube.


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