Cardboard Karma Chameleon

A few more tweaks and this guy’s ready to dance!

How are your costumes coming?

We have a little less than a week left!

Can’t wait to see YOUR creation! Upload to Flickr or just shoot me an email with your costume photo attached to

4 thoughts on “Cardboard Karma Chameleon

  1. Oh my! I’ve been missing out on visiting your blog for far too long! Your costumes are amazing! I would never have thought of adapting a sewing pattern to making masks from cardboard but it makes complete sense. What kind of paint are you using? I like how it dries with a sheen to it and it doesn’t seem to warp the cardboard by being overly wet.

    • Thanks! The paint is regular tempera, but I mixed in some metallic silver tempera to make it shiny. Plain tempera on cardboard can be really flat, so unless that’s what you’re going for you need to add something to the paint. I’m not a paint expert, but I wonder if adding egg whites might also work…

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