Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Cardboard Wolf

I finished the wolf mask!

Just in time for some shopping and a little adventure to the Kawasaki Halloween event!

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Sadly, we had to come home early and didn’t get to see the parade, just the costume contest. We thought our costumes were pretty clever until we saw the Rocky Horror Christmas group costume. Amazing!

Halloween may be a relatively new holiday in Japan, but in the land of anime and cosplay, dressing up is taken pretty seriously.

12 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Cardboard Wolf

  1. Whoa! Those costumes! Your wolfhead (and accompanying granny smock) is awesome! AWESOME, I tell you! The shape, the texture, the scene in which you were fingering the handbag – were you, perchance, thinking, “This, Red, was once my second cousin Fredericka. Sniff.”?

    I am ashamed – ashamed, I tell you!- that none of my costumes have any cardboard in them. I am a low-life louse this year – I sewed.

    • I did have a lot of fun walking around the Kawasaki train station in costume, it’s always a joy to get people smiling, and hmm… maybe we’ll be seeing some cardboard costumes from the Ikat Bag camp next year?

  2. Your wolf head is so amazingly real – I just love all the detail! What a reaction you must have stirred while shopping. I especially like the two of you eating muffins together.Were you fattening up Little Red with a tasty morsel? How clever of you!

  3. I am amazed you were able to make that mask out of cardboard. That is awesome. The other costumes are nice, but you should have won for most creativity!

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