Cardboard Costume Challenge Results

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(Notes: Because all of the costumes were essentially made of cardboard elements mixed with other media, I eliminated the “hybrid” category. There were no bicycle costume entries.)


Edward Westerhuis: I am the Ram!
Cardboardia: Cardboard Jack-o-lantern
(Special Mention) Leelada via Flickr: Cardboard Cowboys


wrnking via Flickr: Cardboard Knight
Rachel and Tom Morgan: Archery Knight

Kid Made:

Leo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
Sid: Star Wars Storm Trooper
(Special Mention) Lego Block


You all have me pondering the many new ideas you put out there with your incredible costumes!
I’m thinking about metallic cardboard, felt on cardboard, fringed cardboard, cardboard horns, and wearable cardboard houses and cars.

So much inspiration! I hope you feel the same way! The level of creativity that turned out for the challenge was so overwhelming, I hope everyone feels a great sense of accomplishment from the costumes they created. Tomorrow I’ll be posting some reflections about the challenge and welcome your suggestions for next year.

Deep bows to all our judges and to MakeDo Japan for donating MakeDo kits to all the winners of the contest!

5 thoughts on “Cardboard Costume Challenge Results

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  2. Hi, great cardboard inspiration!! If you are looking for outside links to add, there are many good ones at (Found you via Sara’s Craft Schooling Sunday.)
    How about wearable cardboard that is also comfortable? A new layer of challenge, right?

    • Hi Chavi! Thanks for the tip, I’ll definitely head over there and check out the cardboard costumes. I’m always looking for great inspiration for my Pinterest board.Thanks for visiting.

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