Cardboard Tinkering Toy Series: Cardboard Tube Gun


[vimeo 54511602 w=620&h=400]


Part cross bow, part rubber band gun, part cardboard tube rocket, we affectionately refer to this device as the “snake shooter.”

You’ll need two strong cardboard tubes like the kind that aluminum foil comes on plus one more that fits over the two joined tubes, something like a poster tube might work.

Join the two narrower tubes with masking tape.

Add decorative tape.

Attach rubber band.

Cut notches on the sides of the larger tube segment.

Watch out tube heads!


5 thoughts on “Cardboard Tinkering Toy Series: Cardboard Tube Gun

  1. With a bigger rubber band and a longer tube, I wonder if it can become a cannon? The video was great as I waited to see the little tube people get knocked down. Looking forward to the next idea!

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment. I have just looked through your blog. Such great ideas. Will have to try and make some of these. My kids love collecting the paper rolls and I never quite know what to do with them.

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    • You’ll need to poke two holes through the tube on opposite sides of each other. Cut the rubber band or elastic and thread one side into the tube from the outside in. Knot the elastic on the inside and repeat on the other side.

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