Tokyo Maker Faire 2012

Sunday was the last day of Tokyo’s first ever Maker Faire.

It’s safe to say I was pretty blown away by the whole event. Imagine squeezing shoulder to shoulder step by step through a space as big as a football field, chock a bloc with little tables, thousands of people, and tons of blinking, flashing, gyrating electronic gizmos.

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I came knowing nothing about Arduinos, Rasberry piis, and flying drones, and left knowing nothing more … sadly, I was way too intimidated to ask a programmer to explain basic coding and circuitry to me in Japanese.

I did however, do a lot of googling when I got home, and learned enough to have a semi intelligent conversation (in English) with someone next time I need to, which could be quite soon considering I’m now planning on building one these to do my grocery shopping for me…

This is a giant cardboard giraffe robot that was designed and built by kids using a program developed by MIT called Scratch.

[vimeo 54844455 w=620&h=400]

The folks at a design group here in Tokyo called Otomo held a series of workshops for kids earlier this year where this noble beast was conceived and built.

The giraffe has a camera in it’s head and a controller in it’s tail. As the giraffe’s head “looks” around, video streams to an old school, Wizard of Oz-style monitor nearby.

I don’t think I could have dreamed of something that would have captured my imagination more than this amazing cardboard safari creature.

I basically had to pick my jaw up off the floor, and embarrassingly said “This is so cool” way too many times while talking to the couple from Otomo. I had one of those moments when a tiny little seed gets planted…..

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