Cardboard Books for Christmas: #1 Lift the Flap

The Cardboard Collective

The Cardboard Collective

I hope the rest of you are organized and ready for Christmas!  We’ve just returned from a week-long pre-holiday adventure which involved a broken laptop, so I’ll be doing what I can to catch up with you now that we’re back in Tokyo.



I wanted to start by sharing with you some of the cardboard gifts I’ll be giving the girls this year, including a batch of cardboard books. If you haven’t seen the 2011 post (one of my very first on The Cardboard Collective) about making cardboard books, you can get the step by step instructions here.

I used some of my favorite summer photos of the girls and printed them out in black and white and then added flaps cut from toddler magazines. (You can use cereal boxes or other kinds of lightweight cardboard or card-stock to accomplish the same thing.)

The Cardboard Collective

This book just adds a few more details which includes a cover that I measured out and cut to size after making a basic cardboard book. I then just slathered the glue on and placed it over the top, weighing it down with a few books to dry overnight. It definitely gives the book a more polished look and makes it more durable too.

I’m really looking forward to reading these books with the girls! They really enjoy it when we make books that include them in some way, whether through pictures or text, and it’s always lovely to revisit our beautiful memories together while they’re nestled in our laps.


3 thoughts on “Cardboard Books for Christmas: #1 Lift the Flap

  1. Thank you for sharing last years’ book as I hadn’t seen that post before. This is such a cute idea. I can use my instagram photos on my phone, print them out and make some great books for next year. You have my brain working over time of all the cute things I could do with this.

    • Instagram photos would be great because they have so much atmosphere! I’ve made several of these kinds of books for the girls for their birthdays showcasing pictures from their year. My favorite was called Growing up. It was about 5 pages long. This was the text:
      Now you are 1.
      1 is fun.
      You can walk,
      You can run.
      But still too young
      for bubblegum.

  2. Love this so much. My kids adore lift-the-flap books but I stopped taking them from the library because they get ruined so easily! This is a great solution. I love the b&w pics, they set off the colorful additions so perfectly.

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