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My Tools by The Cardboard Collective

One of the things that I love about working with cardboard is that you need very few tools to get started. This is my go-to, can’t live without, get happy just looking at ’em, collection of tools that has evolved over the past two years.

The tree-pruning-looking shears are the most obscure in my kit. They’re a type of Japanese scissor used for cutting corrugated roofing. I love them because I’m more comfortable cutting with scissors than a utility knife and these are tough enough to get through triple wall cardboard without too much effort.

Other notable tools are the screwdriver and leather punch that I use for poking holes in cardboard on play days. The glue brush and glue comb are nice to have; they save on glue and make for a better bonded cardboard project. Oh, and I forgot one! How could I live without a metal ruler?

Do you have an favorite cardboard tool?

I recently read in the fabulous “2012- Celebrating The Year of Cardboard” article at the Maker Education Initiative that there are some great electrical saws that even small children can use with adult supervision. I’d be interested to try them out someday! Have you got a secret tool in your cardboard making arsenal?

Please share!

4 thoughts on “My Tools

  1. Hi there! Got interested in cardboard when I had to create
    games, and props for our kid’s birthday parties. I’ve
    always been fond of my Ginsu knife. Does the job and
    stays sharp too! My sweet mother-in-law gifted me with
    an electric knife one birthday. Although the electric
    knife was most likely meant to be used to slice hams
    and such- I’m really thinking of experimenting with
    the its use on cardboard. Shhhh!

    • My mother suggested an electric carving knife too! I have never used one, but I’d be interested to hear how it goes!

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