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Materials- The Cardboard Collective

This is it! A sampler of the things that I use other than post-consumer cardboard, paper bags and tubes that I find on recycling day.

  • Glue: low VOC white glue for cardboard, and homemade wheat paste for decoupage.
  • Origami and chiyogami paper
  • Washi paper (This is a strong handmade Japanese paper that comes in large sheets)
  • Washi tape (watch out for inferior brands that don’t stick!)
  • 100% Recycled paper string and cord
  • Recycled paper tape

Turning straw into gold…

These are the materials that I love for their beauty (Washi paper rivals fabric in my opinion), their recycle-ability (I adhere to one rule: everything that I make must be recycle-able), their effectiveness (Time is precious so why use stuff that doesn’t work?) and their endless possibility (Keep reading the blog for more on that).

Have any insights? Secret recipes? (I’d love to hear them!)

2 thoughts on “My Materials

  1. I would love some tips for adhering fabric to cardboard! I am in middle of making a peacock costume by covering corrugated cardboard with purple lining… having some trouble. I don’t want to glue it all over. Hot glue? Sewing? Inspiration is needed.

    • Hi Chavi,

      If the aim is to not use glue, I would go for sewing. I have sewn cardboard before with a denim needle, and it worked. Good luck on your costumes, a cardboard peacock sounds really exciting!

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