Grocery Bag Business Cards

Grocery Bag Business Cards by The Cardboard Collective

Meeting new people here in Japan involves developing more formalized graces. As a farm girl from the Midwest, this is always an area of improvement for me.

One artifact of the Japanese getting to know you ritual is the business card and/or name card. When you meet someone new in Japan it’s considered polite to exchange your contact information in this tangible, well organized way.

I for one love the practice, as it’s elevated me from the frantic find a pen and write your name and phone number on an old receipt routine to a calmer more professional approach. Proper procedure involves offering your name card with both hands (as shown above) with a little bow of the head.

Grocery Bag Business Cards by  Amber Dohrenwend at The Cardboard Collective

Now that the blog is becoming more of it’s own entity, I put together a name card using some brown Kraft paper grocery bags that I found in someone’s recycling the other day. It’s not as heavy as a traditional business card, but I think it’s really nice, and still very durable. If you have a business card template on your word-processing software it’s a very easy process.

I originally wanted to print onto post-consumer cardboard, but my ideal specimen would be a cereal box, and unfortunately we’re an oatmeal and eggs family. Cereal is not widely eaten for breakfast in Japan, so it’s also been hard to find used cereal boxes. I’d love to hear if anyone has tried printing on cereal boxes, did your printer take them?

I also wanted to share this great link with you, showcasing a letterpress printer that prints business cards onto old cereal boxes. (If I ever get a business info stamp, this could be a possible approach for my old tea boxes.) They are BEauTiful! Lots of other great ideas there too…

So hey, even if you’re business-less, how about a name-card or blog-card to step up your game? Why not?

8 thoughts on “Grocery Bag Business Cards

  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing – sometimes with something as simple as business cards, its hard to think outside of the box since it is done the same over and over again. Thanks!

    • Thanks Allie, Just popped over to bakers and astronauts and loved it. What an excellent blog! Looking forward to following your adventures.

  2. These look so nice! I really loved the stitched ones from the linked page for myself, but I wondering would Japanese folks reject it if it doesn’t play nicely with all the other cards in their case?

  3. It’s so simple and nice !!! 🙂 I love your card and the ones of the link (thanks for the share !! ) I don’t eat much cereals but with the boxes of rice it shoud work to I imagine 🙂 I love the cards on comics too ! Thanks for the ideas !

  4. for printing on thick boards, you can try using an ink transfer/blender pen instead. printing on cereal boxes with your home printer would probably jam it up! 🙂

  5. The paper bag cards is a great alternative to the traditional card stock, mass produced variety. I know Pages on the Mac has lots of great templates as well!

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