Spring Planting in Cardboard

The Cardboard Collective

The Cardboard Collective

The Cardboard Collective

Last year I started experimenting with planting in cardboard even though nearly everyone around thought I was crazy. Well, not one of them was shy when the time came to harvest our cherry tomatoes…

This fall I made a simpler kind of planter utilizing the planter hangers that I have, and torn pieces of scrap corrugated cardboard tucked and layered inside. They over-wintered well, and to freshen the boxes up in the Spring, I just added new cardboard to the outside edges and removed some of the inner layers.

Spinach, salad greens, cilantro and nasturtiums…we can’t wait for our little sprouts to start popping up! And we’re curious to see how our experiment with the glass case (Used for displaying traditional Japanese dolls- there are always tons of these at the recycling shop) works for our tomato starts. We’re hoping to transform it into a home for adopted caterpillars……



5 thoughts on “Spring Planting in Cardboard

  1. Clever idea.. I was thinking I’d need to buy pots this spring …but perhaps not..
    (Cardboard tubes have worked before for us for beans …but why did I never think of boxes as seed pans ???)

  2. I really like how you used cardboard to make your planters. I’ve been collecting cardboard from people and planned to use nearly all of it to begin new beds rather than digging up and having so much weeding to do, I will try this too.

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