Banana Box Pull-out Drawers

cardboard drawers


Do you have a drawer that always stays organized, and another that does not?

I do….. and I spend a lot of time thinking about how to make the drawer (or ahem drawers) that do not stay organized behave themselves.

So with many a pre-sleep meditation on a solution, I tackled my cardboard storage (and have many times re-tackled it) to this point of civilization. No stacking and re-stacking, no lids, No plastic, just banana boxes and binder clips.

I had to know my cardboard sources well to find 2 different boxes that would nest inside one another, but once I found the winning combination I was set. I used the top and bottom of a large banana box with one end removed and the bottom of a smaller box for the drawer. No glue, just a few clips to keep the edges in place. The best part is that I can use these on the back of my bike trailer for Cardboard Play Days, and recycle or reuse at the end of the event….. Banana Box, you are a loyal friend.

3 thoughts on “Banana Box Pull-out Drawers

  1. Hi Amber,
    Do you have any suggestion how to make shelves that will not dip down in the middle? I was trying to make a play kitchen with shelves to organize all those little plates, pots and many other little pieces.
    Thanks for advice

    • Hi Ajar,

      Thanks for the great question! It’s always good to know what people are interested in learning more about when it comes to cardboard. I’ll try to address this issue in some upcoming posts! I’ actually have been thinking about and working on this problem for a long time.
      In the meantime, try honey comb cardboard if you can get your hands on it. Honey comb is strong in a horizontal position in the same way that an egg or a straw are strong in the vertical position. If you use regular corrugated cardboard in the same position, it will sag or eventually bend.

      • Thanks for your reply. Looking forward to learning more from you.
        Unfortunately, I have never seen honey-comb cardboard around here.

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