DIY cardboard fasteners

DIY cardboard fasteners by The Cardboard Collective

DIY Cardboard Fastener How-To by The Cardboard Collective

DIY Cardboard Fasteners by Amber

DIY Cardboard Fasteners by Amber

The girls have been building a fishing shanty, so we implemented this method for joining cardboard. I demo-ed it at a cardboard play day last fall. Here’s the lowdown:

PROS: rEAlly cute, fairly strong, reusable, made from reclaimed materials, virtually free

CONS: takes a fair amount of dexterity to thread buttons and twist, and sometimes hard to thread through the cardboard without a helper. Only suitable for non weight-bearing construction.

What you need: twist ties (the longer and thinner the better) buttons, a screw driver

What your kids will call you: AWESOME.


9 thoughts on “DIY cardboard fasteners

  1. I wanted to make play clocks with my kids, but only had one of those open out clips (forgotten the name, sorry). I think you have just solved my problem, with no shopping. Thanks.

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