Blue Butterfly Wings

recycled, paper, butterfly, wings recycled, paper, butterfly, wings

recycled, paper, butterfly, wings  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

paper, recycled, butterfly, wings

Little Blue Butterfly, 2013
Found cardboard and paper, melon and apple cartons, paper cord, watercolor, pastel chalk, white glue

part of the series:

“Insect Family”

(Inspired by this butterfly puppet by Octodrone that my daughter fell in love with.)

13 thoughts on “Blue Butterfly Wings

  1. Amber, you are killing me with your cardboard costumes! Seriously. These wings! Siggggghhhhhh. And those bug eyes… perfect. The girls and I might have to make some butterfly wings soon.

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  4. i adore these wings! what did you use to attach them to the shoulder straps and what are the straps made of? i’m dying to try and makes these for Halloween so any help would be great! if you’re willing to share?! 🙂

  5. Have you thought about using Instagram? Not sure if you want to go down that road.This work is just so beautiful — it deserves to be appreciated by a VERY LARGE audience!

  6. Hi, I love your costumes, especially this butterfly. May I have any pattern or directions of how to make it? I would like to make one for my daughter who loves butterflies. May be I can buy the pattern? Thank you.

  7. acerca carnaval y quisiera hacerle el disfraz de mariposa a mi hija.puedes darme detalles de como se hace.tu los haces y los vendes.gracias

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