Decorative Repair

Repairing a torn book page at The Cardboard CollectiveRepairing the torn pages of books with decorative paper at The Cardboard Collective

…some experiments in repairing books in a way that adds something.

Wouldn’t it be nice to add a little poem to a torn page, or a note saying something like…

It’s O.K.

Don’t worry.

Nori: Japanese rice paste at The Cardboard Collective

I used Japanese rice paste, (called Nori) and some pretty paper scraps. It was a hard choice sometimes between colors that follow the mood of a book and others that contrast it.

Washi paper book repair at The Cardboard Collective

I also tried to fix a glass apothecary jar I use for things like buttons. It broke in a way that created a large hole, but no cracks, so washi tape was enough….

Washi Tape apothecary jar repair at The Cardboard Collective

Decorative Papier Mache basket repair at The Cardboard Collective

And lastly, my basket for thread. The edges of the basket were cracked and the whole thing was falling apart. The colors of the paper always brighten my mood, and I can still see my thread peeking through patches of the basketry.

4 thoughts on “Decorative Repair

  1. They all turned out lovely! I love it when people try to fix things instead of tossing them straight in the trash and buying new versions. Fixed things are prettier than new things anyway, and they have stories to tell. 🙂

  2. These are all wonderful ideas! It’s never occurred to me to repair torn pages before – as if I thought it “wasn’t allowed” or something. But absolutely – what a fun way to add your personal stamp while preventing the tear from getting worse! And your basket is really beautiful. I’m inspired!

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