2015 Cardboard Costume Parade!


Matt Lentini Ren and Stimpy costumesMatt and Nicole Lentini Matador and Bull cardboard costumesMatt and Nicole Lentini Matador and Bull costumes

Ren, Stimpy and Log costumes by Matt Lentini and Matador and Bull costumes by Matt and Nicole Lentini



IMG_1656 IMG_1655 IMG_1654

“Wild Things and Max” bicycle-friendly costumes sent by Sarah

FESCollage1 FinalFox4739

Frank-Ein-Stein  and Fox Head by Betsy A. Riley

IMG_1692logo IMG_1693logo IMG_1696logo

Mosquito costume by Rebecca at Lepetitearbre


Robot costume by Manon Doran see more pictures at her blog Une Dahlia en Westfalia

Do you have photos to send? I’ll keep updating this post. I would love to see your photos and the one-of-a-kind costume you made this year!

These costumes are pure cardboard magic. Thanks to everyone that sent photos and Happy Halloween 2015!


The Cardboard Collective

My friend LiEr from Ikatbag invited me to participate in an international blog hop this week. I really admire LiEr. She is a kindred cardboard spirit; someone who works physics into cardboard, and always affirms my frustrations about the need for more gender neutral toys. And while sometimes I have hidden and gotten quiet on my blog, LiEr has always been a do-er.

The blog hop is a chain of interview blog posts. The end result is everyone getting to know many, many more creative people as they jump from link to link. I was invited by LiEr/ ikat bag, but after I interview myself at the end of this post, I’ll also invite you to visit a couple of my favorite blogs, if you haven’t already.

The Cardboard Collective

The Interview:

What am I working on right now?

Some clothes boxes for my daughters and also a project for a little publication I’m putting together.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

One notable thing is my environment. Japan is a beautiful place and it’s had a profound influence on me. I grew up on a farm with lots of space and things and materials around. Japan has made me appreciate a more paired down kind of beauty and way of living.

Another, I think, is the way I see cardboard. I think cardboard is kind of like exoskeleton. You can see it looking very tough like the horn of a stag beetle, or very weak and flexible, like a pill bug’s molted skin. I think it’s somewhere on a continuum between leather and wood depending on how you treat it, but it also has it’s own unique properties, like being extremely lightweight, having directional strength and a hollow core. I like the raw edges when you tear it. I like how it looks when it’s slightly crumpled, I love the many many shades of brown.

I’m also attracted to cardboard as a way of subverting consumerism.
To me it’s a symbol of resilience; to take something that others have discarded, and make something beautiful. for free. YEs! I love that.

Why do I create?

When I get lulled into a routine that doesn’t include making, I don’t feel like myself. Making is something that feels to be a part of my DNA. It just makes me happy.

How does my creating process work?

I always carry a sketch book and pencil and draw my ideas there. I also keep a photo file of things I see when I’m walking around Tokyo. Lastly,  I have a “top secret” Pinterest pin board that has replaced the torn page magazine scrap book I used to keep.

For designs I want to build, I usually work up a miniature prototype and then make and remake. Some of the things I have made have been fun projects and we haven’t used them for very long, and a few precious others we still use.

When I started making things out of cardboard, it was really hard to recycle anything that I had made. Now I sing “Let it go” every time recycle day comes around. I have to. There’s always something I need to part with if I want to have enough space for new projects.

The Cardboard Collective

Your Art here.

Lastly I get to introduce you to my absolute favorite blog!


I didn’t invite Sergio to the blog hop because he doesn’t use any text on his site, but if you’ve never seen Kedublock, plEAse check it out. I think it’s genius. The clever use of simple materials and beautiful photography…… the joy of little handmade toys, you’re going to love it.

A few other blogs I really love:

Alabama Chanin Journal

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My husband’s favorite: Old Parked Cars