2015 Cardboard Costume Parade!


Matt Lentini Ren and Stimpy costumesMatt and Nicole Lentini Matador and Bull cardboard costumesMatt and Nicole Lentini Matador and Bull costumes

Ren, Stimpy and Log costumes by Matt Lentini and Matador and Bull costumes by Matt and Nicole Lentini



IMG_1656 IMG_1655 IMG_1654

“Wild Things and Max” bicycle-friendly costumes sent by Sarah

FESCollage1 FinalFox4739

Frank-Ein-Stein  and Fox Head by Betsy A. Riley

IMG_1692logo IMG_1693logo IMG_1696logo

Mosquito costume by Rebecca at Lepetitearbre


Robot costume by Manon Doran see more pictures at her blog Une Dahlia en Westfalia

Do you have photos to send? I’ll keep updating this post. I would love to see your photos and the one-of-a-kind costume you made this year!

These costumes are pure cardboard magic. Thanks to everyone that sent photos and Happy Halloween 2015!