2015 Cardboard Costume Parade!


Matt Lentini Ren and Stimpy costumesMatt and Nicole Lentini Matador and Bull cardboard costumesMatt and Nicole Lentini Matador and Bull costumes

Ren, Stimpy and Log costumes by Matt Lentini and Matador and Bull costumes by Matt and Nicole Lentini



IMG_1656 IMG_1655 IMG_1654

“Wild Things and Max” bicycle-friendly costumes sent by Sarah

FESCollage1 FinalFox4739

Frank-Ein-Stein  and Fox Head by Betsy A. Riley

IMG_1692logo IMG_1693logo IMG_1696logo

Mosquito costume by Rebecca at Lepetitearbre


Robot costume by Manon Doran see more pictures at her blog Une Dahlia en Westfalia

Do you have photos to send? I’ll keep updating this post. I would love to see your photos and the one-of-a-kind costume you made this year!

These costumes are pure cardboard magic. Thanks to everyone that sent photos and Happy Halloween 2015!

Cardboard Heads


If you’re thinking about making a cardboard headpiece for your Halloween costume, this weekend is the time to get started!

Last Year we created 2 different kinds of cardboard heads, using two different methods.

the cardboard collective

The first head was for a chameleon costume, and utilized the hood pattern for sewing a kid’s jacket. To read the post about adapting a sewing pattern for use with cardboard, click HERE

The second head was built by making a cardboard skeleton and then gluing down layers of  ripped cardboard. You can see more pictures of the development HERE.

Cardboard Wolf Head by The Cardboard Collective

Because every cardboard head is a little different, I’ll lay out the most basic steps so you can get started. Have fun and experiment, the point is to develop you’re own style…

  1. Make a cardboard band that fits snugly around your head.
  2. Create cardboard side pieces that are similar in shape to the skull of the creature if you look at it sideways.
  3. Glue or staple the pieces to the cardboard band.
  4. Use cardboard strips to connect the side pieces and shape the front of the creature’s face.
  5. Cover your cardboard head with crumpled up and flattened out copy paper, fringed newspaper, Kraft paper, torn pieces of egg carton or ripped pieces of corrugated cardboard. You can take a look at the Cardboard Costume Pinterest Board for more inspiration.

Here’s a great video by John Gleeson Connolly (via Apartment Therapy) talking about how he made a simple cardboard dragon head for his son’s Halloween costume using a similar method.

Cardboard Souls (and Insoles)


cardboard insoles DIY replacement

cardboard insole DIY

Cardboard Insoles DIY

You can use cereal boxes if you don’t have this kind of cardboard on hand.


I’m not quite sure how this Mother’s Day or Father’s Day project will find it’s audience; (unless I’ve gained a tween readership I’m unaware of) maybe it would be a more likely  graduation or wedding project. I’m just putting this idea out there in the hope that at least one set of cardboard insoles will find it’s way into a pair of sassy mom pumps, or groovy dad shoes that are out dancing the night away, celebrating how awesome it is to be a parent.

…and Mom, I really wanted to make these for you, but I don’t have a pair of your shoes here in Tokyo to make the pattern from, so sorry about that. I hope you like the Mother’s Day present I did send you. It’s not made of cardboard.

Cardboard insoles DIY