Costume Inspiration: Fraidy Zoo


Fraidy Zoo by Thyra Heder

Fraidy Zoo by Thyra Heder

This morning I got an email that made my heart leap into my green tea……The above pictures attached to an email from newly hatched author illustrator Thyra Heder.

Thyra’s written a new book called, “Fraidy Zoo.” It’s about a family that makes a series of animal costumes (one for each letter of the alphabet) out of cardboard and other household objects in the attempt to find out which animal is scaring the littlest member of the family from going on a trip to the zoo. I was totally inspired by the illustrations and instantly charmed by the creative spirit of the family in the book and had to share it with you!


Giraffe by Abby Manock

Just as excitingly, Thyra’s in the process of building the cardboard rhinoceros from the book right now, but you really should visit her blog to see some of the photos she’s posted showcasing some of the other cardboard creations she and her friends have made in celebration of the upcoming launch of the book.

Fraidy Zoo is coming out November 5th and you can find more info here: at Indibound or pre-order it via Amazon.